Who we are

It's great you want to know more about us beyond the pretty selection in our marketplace, thank you! Some people just hop in and hop out without a single word.  Ethnified is the leading platform for ethnic products, providing people with everything they need to connect with culture and traditions globally. We are a team of individuals driven and inspired by the beauty and timeless style of ethnic products, so we trot around the globe and the internet searching for these great products with an ethnic touch, created by awesome people out there and bring them onto our platform. We collaborate with great companies, designers, and individuals who design these products to serve this great market.


What are Ethnic Products

Ethnic products are products that originate from a specific heritage, tradition, tribe or culture, be it in their making or appearance. You’ll know one when you see one.


What we believe

We believe style is personal and it can say a lot about a person’s personality. We also think that people are more aware of the difference between influence and choice such that they no longer feel the need to dress in a certain way to fit in and be accepted, they are free to be themselves and choose styles that compliment them. To fit in, you have to stand out. “Dress for a purpose, but keep in mind who you truly are”.
‘Style is about choice than influence’.

We also believe the nature of ethnic products have a meaning beyond their great physical features, the marvelous and intriguing stories behind their creation and precious detail and timeless projection into both the history and future of creativity. The greatest and most beautiful things are still yet to be discovered and we are always on the trail to find that next amazing germ.  There are great people out there making wonderful products that other people would like to get their hands on and we exist to help discover these products.

As the world becomes a global village people continuously move to different parts and physical disconnect with their original communities but their ethnic values stay with them and Ethnified stands in to connect them with these values.


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