Buying products on Ethnified

Buying products on Ethnified 

Who am I buying from here? 
Ethnified is the online marketplace for handmade unique and limited edition items. On Ethnified, you buy products directly from the designers and creatives who have created their own unique products and are offering them for sale here. 
If you have a question about a product you can get in touch with the creator, i.e. seller, directly. They will be delighted to help you.  

How can I buy something on Ethnified? 
Have you found a fantastic product, and want to buy it before someone else snatches that treasure out from under your nose? Then just click on the green button “Add to Cart“. 
You can head to the checkout by clicking the link in the bar at the bottom of the page, or the link at the top right in your Shopping Basket. If you are already registered with Ethnified, then you only need to enter your address and your desired payment method here, and that’s it! 
Your purchase will be confirmed via email. Of course, you can put more than one item from various sellers into your shopping basket. The designers will each get in touch with you individually.  


Orders & Payment 

What happens after I place an order? 
Following your purchase, you will receive two confirmation emails, one from us and one from the seller. Here you can find all detailed related to the purchase, in particular, the total price including shipping costs, and the payment method. 
Once the seller has received your payment, they will send your order out to your shipping address. Please rate the seller, once you have received your item(s).  

How can I pay? 
Each seller decides which payment methods they accept in their shop. You are free to choose from any of the methods they accept. 
Nearly all sellers accept by bank transfer and/or by PayPal. Plus you can pay for any product with an Ethnified Voucher, whether you’ve bought one from Ethnified yourself, or you’ve been given an Ethnified Voucher as a gift.  

When do I need to pay for my purchase? 
You must pay for your purchase as quickly as possible, at the latest within 7 days after the confirmation of your order by the seller.  


Paying with a Ethnified Voucher 

How do I pay with a Ethnified Voucher? 
You can redeem your Ethnified Voucher in any and every Ethnified shop. Here’s how it works: 
1. To redeem your voucher, purchase the product you want just as normal, and choose the payment method „Ethnified Voucher“. 
2. After the seller has confirmed your purchase, you will receive an email from us. In this email, there is a link to a page where you can enter your voucher code. Just follow this link and enter your voucher code. 

Can I redeem my voucher in more than one shop? 
Yes! You can redeem your voucher in as many different Ethnified shops as you want, up until you reach the amount limit.  

What happens to my remaining voucher balance? 
When an order does not cost the full amount of a Ethnified voucher, the remaining amount will stay on the voucher. We will send you an email to let you know how much money remains on your voucher.  

What happens when the value of my order is higher than the value of my voucher? 
In this case, you must transfer the outstanding amount to the seller concerned, using another payment method. Please get in touch with the seller directly, to clarify which payment method you should use to pay the remaining amount to them.  


Shipping and Shipping Costs 

What should I be aware of when it comes to shipping costs? 
For each item, national and international shipping costs are indicated on the product page. 
It could be that your shipping costs could change after calculating which items you would like to purchase, and which shipping method you have chosen. For example, lots of sellers provide a shipping discount when you buy more than one item from them in a single order. So look out in particular for any Combined Shipping Discount
You should also always take note of any additional information provided regarding payment & shipping. Just click on the relevant tab on the product page to get the info you need.  

Can I use more than one shipping address? 
You can update or change your delivery address each time you purchase something, or you can provide the address of a friend if you would like the item to be sent to them as a gift. 
Addresses which you have already provided once will be saved. Then you can just choose the correct delivery address for each purchase.  

What does ‘Combined Shipping’ mean? 
With Combined Shipping, a seller can offer you a shipping discount, if you buy more than one article from their shop in the same transaction.

You are charged the Single Shipping price for the item with the highest shipping price. For all other items, you are charged a Combined Shipping price – which is quite often 0 EUR! 
For example, You have a bag in your shopping basket, with a shipping cost of 5 EUR. Then in the same shop, you discover a brooch you want to buy, with the combined shipping cost of 0.00 EUR. If you put this brooch in your shopping basket and buy that as well, you don't need to pay any additional shipping costs for it!  

Contacting the Seller

How can I get in touch with a seller? 
You can get in touch with the seller of your item or an item you’re interested in at any time. 
You will already see the option on every product page to „Ask a question?“. Just click here to directly reach the seller of the product in question. 
In addition, you will see a link in every shop which says „Contact me“.  

Should I rate the transaction? 
Yes, absolutely! Your feedback is vital to make the platform secure, to eliminate black sheep and also to reward those that act professionally and responsibly. Please give your feedback after you have purchased something from a seller so that others can make a more informed decision before purchasing something.  

Dealing with Problems

What should I do if I haven’t received my order? 
If you have not received a product you purchased on Ethnified, please first check if the payment you made to the seller through your PayPal or bank account was successful, and if so, when the payment was made. If payment was successful, then please get in touch with the seller and inquire about the shipping of your order. If you’re still experiencing problems, then just send us an email at, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.  

What if there’s a problem with the item I purchased? 
If the products which you have received does not meet your expectations, then please get in touch with the seller, to see if you can mutually find a solution. If you can’t come to an agreement, then send us an email at, and we’ll try to help you find a solution as soon as possible. 


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